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Laboratory and diagnostic tests

Our variety of in-house laboratory machines allow us to investigate and work-up patients easily, particularly in emergency situations. 

We have haematology and biochemistry blood machines which allow us to run in-house bloods- this means that we can receive blood results very quickly for any emergency or urgent cases.

We also have a centrifuge which allows us to run in-house PVC (packed cell volume) tests to assess anaemia, as well as spinning urine to look for sediment and other uses.

We are able to run in-house urine tests, which include a dipstick and USG (an assessment of urine concentration) as standard, but can also include microscopy- this lets us look for any sediment in the urine and can help us investigate if there are any crystals, bacteria or blood present in a sample.

Our microscope is also used to look at various different forms of cytology- this includes examination of swabs from ears, skin samples or samples taken from masses.

For any diagnostic tests that we are unable to run in- house we use a local external laboratory, who collect samples by courier every weekday. This means that we can offer more in-depth blood tests, histopathology for masses, cytology for Fine Needle Aspirates and bacterial culture among many tests. Most results will be back within a few days of the sample being sent (although some may take up to a couple of weeks). 

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