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Repeat Prescriptions

If your pet is on long term medication you can request repeat prescriptions using the form below, by emailing or calling the practice directly.

In order for us to provide repeat medications your pet must be registered with us and must be under the care of one of our vets.

Depending on the condition, this will require your pet to have been examined by our vets within the last 3-6 months.

If they have not been seen in the last 6 months, then you will need to arrange a prescription check appointment. This is so we can check for side effects, make sure the medication is still appropriate and that the dose is correct.  It also allows us to check that you pet’s condition hasn’t changed. 


Please allow 48 hours for repeat medication requests to be processed. 

You can also request a written prescription from us if required. The cost for this is £15.

Our new practice protocol is for us to email the prescription directly to the online pharmacy. Whenever possible, please provide us with the details of the online pharmacy and your order number when requesting the prescription or as soon as possible afterwards. Failure to do so may delay your prescription being sent. 

Repeat Prescription
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