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Nurse Clinics

We are always happy to help with any of your pet’s needs and our nurses work alongside our vets to support you at all times.

From nail clipping and tick removal to second vaccinations and more you can call on our nurses for advice and practical help.

Some nurse clinics are free of charge or covered on the Pet Health Plan but others are chargeable- please ask at reception for more information. 

Just some of the ways we can help include:

  • Development checks

  • Second Vaccinations (if the animal has previously been seen by a vet for their first vaccination)

  • Post operative checks

  • Anal sac expression (if seen by a vet within a year for anal sac issues and if no signs of infection)

  • Weight clinics.

  • Giving pills, injections, applying flea and worm treatments.

  • Nail clipping and grooming.

  • Dental checks.

  • Advice on flea, tick and worm prevention, including lungworm for dogs.

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