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Cat Ward

We are very proud of our cat ward. It is really important that your cat is able to relax as much as possible whilst staying with us.

When a cat is ill, like us their environment plays an important role in recovery. Our housing ensures that they have plenty of room and privacy to make their time with us as stress free as possible.

The spacious cages are constructed from fibreglass to help prevent noise transmission and heat loss and we also provide places for them to perch and hide which helps them to feel safe and secure.

In addition, we provide our patients with snuggly blankets, toys and relaxing music. We also use Feliway diffusers, which emit a calming pheromone to help comfort them. Cats under our care are monitored very carefully by our dedicated nurses who have been trained to the high ISFM cat friendly gold standard

We do not have staff on site all night, but all inpatients are checked by a vet between 9.30-11pm, with further checks as required throughout the night. For critical patients requiring more intensive supervision, 24 hour nursing is available at St Boniface vets in Crediton

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