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Operating Theatre

We equipped to perform all routine surgical procedures on site, and we frequently accommodate orthopaedic surgeons who come into the practice to perform more advanced procedures on our behalf. Our large purpose-built theatre is used for all our routine "clean" surgical procedures such as neutering , lump removals, exploratory laparotomy and wound reconstruction to minimise the risk of infection from wounds related to our 'dirty' procedures such as dental procedure, attending abscesses etc

Our operating theatre is where various sterile surgical procedures take place. From routine castrates and spays, to more complex cases like eye surgery, gut or bone surgery.

We have a team of veterinary surgeons who carry out these procedures, although we also work with RATA vets who are trained and specialise in orthopaedic (bone) and soft tissue surgery. If a patient is in need of their expertise, they operate at our practice so our clients don't have to travel.

Within the theatre we try and have limited amount of fixtures within to help with a clean and sterile environment. These fixtures include:

- An anaesthetic machine to keep the patient asleep during the operation

- An operating table that we can adjust to tilt, move up or down and put the sides up.

- A multi-parameter monitoring machine that helps the anaesthetist keep track on how the animal is reacting under the anaesthetic.

Our nurses use this alongside stethoscopes and a keen eye to monitor the patients blood pressure, oxygen and carbon dioxide reading and the heart rhythm.

- Laparoscopic machine. This is the machine that we use for the keyhole spay. This machine has a lot of functions including a keyhole camera, diathermy to cauterise vessels during surgery.

- Air conditioning. Whilst under anaesthetic our patients cannot control their body temperature and therefore tend to get cold unless carefully monitored. We have the ability to control the environment temperature as well as heat pads, blankets, warming pads and fluid warmers.

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